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sgem papers guidelines

Paper's Guidelines

1. ABSTRACT Submission

Every scientific paper must be preceded by an ABSTRACT.
The abstract has to present the main subject of the paper. The abstract text must not surpass 50 lines/ 3000 characters (including the heading and the name of the author/s, keywords). The ABSTRACT has to be prepared in English language and submitted on-line at MY ARTICLE Section(to get access to this section on-line REGISTRATION is needed).

The Review Commission will evaluate the abstract submission in the conference programme and the authors of the approved papers will be informed by e-mail and invited to submit the full papers.
Paper under review/ Paper accepted/ Paper accepted with comments/ Paper rejected


2. FULL Paper Submission

Once the abstract has been approved, the author/s must prepare and send his/their full manuscript:

  • in English language;
  • in a word processing file using MS Word for Windows®(.DOC, .DOCX);
  • Papers must be submitted via author's profile - using My ARTICLE section.
  • Regular paper - min 6 full pages - max 8 typewritten pages (including:title, author/s, abstract, real text, charts, drawings and literature);
    • - Long paper + 69 euro - maximum 12 typewritten pages (including:title, author/s, abstract, real text, charts, drawings and literature);
    • - Extra long paper + 139 euro- maximum 16 typewritten pages (including:title, author/s, abstract, real text, charts, drawings and literature);

Please upload your paper/s by clicking on 'UPLOAD' button. If you want to upload an updated/corrected version of a paper, which already has been uploaded, please use the same 'UPLOAD' button to upload the new file. The old version will be overwritten with the new one automatically.

3. Writing the final MANUSCRIPT

Writing an effective scientific paper is not easy. A good rule of thumb is to write as if your paper will be read by a person who knows about the field in general but does not already know what you did. In addition to the science, pay attention to the writing style and format and prepare your manuscript regarding the conference requirements as follows:


It is strongly recommended to observe the given paper format: format A4, margins Left/Right 3 cm, Top 3 cm, Bottom 3 cm, empty Header/Footer 1.5 cm, font Times New Roman, size 12, Alignment Justify, Line Spacing Single, Paragraph Before 6pt, Portrait.


Every image or a figure used in the text must be in color and numbered with unique sequence. If you have different shapes (line, rectangles, basic shapes, arrow and etc.) or text box objects they must be grouped in one.


You should number each table serially with Arabic numerals and put table headings above the table – Align Left. If necessary use a smaller font size (11 pt or 10 pt but not smaller) to make tables fit the page size. Tables have to be in the relevant space in the text. (If you have a big table, please do not use Landscape orientation of the page. It is recommended to save it as an image and locate it vertically in Portrait oriented page.).


Every text citation must be listed under the heading REFERENCES at the end of the text. In the text, every reference should be quoted at least once with indices in the form: [1], [2], …, etc. (but include all names in the reference list in case there are more than one author per quoted material). Maximum number of quoting references is 15 for 8 paged article. Articles with more than 15 references will be forwarded to their authors for correction.

By submitting an abstract/full paper, every author is declaring that:

...The Author declares that the manuscript is original and in its present form has not been published elsewhere in any form, that it has not been submitted to any journal/proceedings and that it will not be submitted to any other journal/proceedings, if it is accepted for publication in the SGEM Conference Proceedings...
...If the article is a join work of several authors (co-authors), the Author who submits the article declares that any person named as author (co-author) of the Article is aware about the requirements of this agreement and has agreed to being so named...

Helpful Info & Downloads


Use sgem paper template /DOC/

helpful template file

Quoting REFERENCE Example /PDF/

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Download Copyright Agreement /PDF/

download document

The importance of writing a good title and abstract! /PDF/

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How to Write a Scientific Abstract in 7 Steps? /PDF/

helpful information

Writing a Scientific Research Article? /PDF/

helpful information


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