LECTURERSGEM Vienna GREEN, Palais Niederösterreich

SGEM Vienna Green Participation Forms

Participation form: Lecturer

Lecturer fee of €340 (early bird fee), covers:

  1 Paper presented during the scientific sessions;
(regular paper: 8 typewritten pages); as a main autor;
  Possible submission of 1 additional papers
(+ 200 Euro per additional paper); as a coautor;
  1 volume* from the printed version of the SGEM Conference Proceedings;
  Active DOI for the paper.
  Paper/s will be sent for evaluation into:
  •  Scopus part of ELSEVIER
  •  PCI/WoS Clarivate Analytics (a big timeline for Proceedings);
  Paper/s will be sent for indexation into:
  • Google Scholar Citations;
  • Crossref;
  • ProQuest;
  • EBSCO;
  • Mendeley, part of Elsevier;
  • RSCI (RINZ), part of Clarivate Analytics;
  • Many International libraries as British Library;
  • New SWS Earth and Planetary Sciences online library
  Attendance at scientific sessions and workshops;
  Welcome Reception/Cocktail party;
  Closing Ceremony & Certificate Awarding;
  Conference set;
  Social activities – one of the famous Vienna museums.

Complimentary Social Programme:

Organized group tour to one of the most famous museums: Vienna Museum of Natural History, Vienna Art Museum Kunsthistorisches, Vienna MOZARTHAUS, Mumok Museum Vienna, Leopold Museum Vienna  /more info/

By wish/extra cost:

* CD version of the SGEM Conference Proceedings (all papers) could be ordered in addition (on-line) at the complimentary price of €  25.

By wish/extra cost:

* Copy of the SGEM Conference Proceedings (1 volume) could be ordered in addition (by e-mail/at the venue) at the complimentary price of € 20.

*All upper mentioned fees excl. VAT


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