Arguably, the most pressing issue standing in front of the modern global society is the climate crisis that we witness. The levels of plastic pollution, deforestation, and extinction of animal species are increasing on daily basis. We are literally destroying our only home. If we want to provide the next generations with a safe and sustainable future, we have to start our efforts from today.

Planet Earth is a delicate ecosystem with countless interdependent elements, all of them equally important for the well-being of the whole. If one part is compromised, it affects all the other.

To protect biodiversity is to give our children the chance to experience the quality of life that they deserve! Join and contribute to our mission with your latest work.

SGEM Vienna Green Conference will give you the platform to share your achievement and find the support you need. It’s all for our mutual welfare.

Let’s give our future a chance!

SWS Scholarly Society sends an invitation to all of you scientists, scholars, researchers, and artists to present your latest works on our blog and participate in the annual SWS conferences. We will give you the opportunity to exhibit your achievements in front of a most distinguished international audience and thus lay the groundwork for future development and collaborations. Do not hesitate and send us your papers or pieces of art. We encourage the synergy and promotion of all forms of science and arts. Become a member of our mission for open sharing and evolution of knowledge.

Vienna – the epitome of Christmas’ traditional celebrating –
will be once again the host of our annual
SGEM Green GeoConference.
Less than two weeks before the holidays, we will gather and co-operate in order to share the latest development and achievement in the fields of green sciences and sustainable technologies.

Come and join the double experience of being part of one of the biggest scientific forums as well as spending exceptional moments in the top Christmas destination.