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Workshops Session 2019

Date: 10.12.2019
Time: 17.30 h - 18.00 h 
Hall: Landtagssaal (Parlamental Hall)

“Energy and material recovery from biodegradable waste”

Coveyors: Dr. Jakub Pulka, Dr. Damian Janczak, Dr. Jakub Mazurkiewicz - Poznań University of Life Sciences, POLAND


Description: In the first section, we will discuss the results of recent research done in Ecotechnologies Laboratory at Poznań University of Life Sciences – one of the largest university laboratories in Poland. In the second part, we will exchange experiences and try to determine which waste types are the most suitable for specific processes. Specifically the outcome of directing different bio-waste streams to a given process (e.g. time and costs: transport and storage, etc.).

The Discussion: 

  • 1. Ways of using various bio-waste types: agricultural, domestic and municipal
  • 2. Solutions that can be applied for waste treatment: individually in the households and industrial practices
  • 3.Created teams will present their results, and based on them we will attempt to provide guidelines on the best utilization technique suitable to specific waste types.




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